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You may be one of the true dreamers of the world, often getting caught up in impractical plans and ideas. You absorb the ideas and the mental outlook of those around you, for better or for worse The moon in Capricorn.

1978 Horse 12222 & 2020 Chinese Horoscope

A Capricorn Moon is determined, steadfast and reliable. This sign more than any other, shows the effects of very strong and perhaps rigid parental influence. You want to be recognized as an important and powerful person chiefly because you were raised to think that way. Many of your reactions are geared toward your effort to achieve status and position. Your nature is stubbornly persistent, serious Mercury in Pisces. In Pisces, Mercury produces a mind that is receptive and ruled by feelings. Your thinking is colored by psychic tendencies, and you usually follow your instincts rather than any sense of logic or reason.

You are a dreamer who can get lost in your fantasies. You don't pay much attention to the mundane detail of the everyday world that you live in. Your thought patterns and ideas are opaque and vague. Show all 13 planets in signs. Sextile The Sun - Mars. A good day to get things done. Good eye-hand coordination and sustained effort make almost any task run well.

You may feel like exercising or getting out and about. Emotions are very present but within control. It is after that, that your relationships will encounter the Rat, with a greater need for balance between your personal and relationship needs. Until then, the year begins with the final weeks of the social and serendipitous Year of the Pig playing out and for you more than anyone, the shift in focus from one lunar year to the next will be pronounced. For as the very socially charged and interactive Year of the Pig ends, the more nostalgic and reflective Year of the Rat begins.

The Year of the Rat is the final year in a personal 12 year lunar cycle, a year that began during the last Year of the Ox in On 11th February the Year of the Rat will end and the next Year of the Ox will begin, making this the final year in a 12 year journey. This gives you more time to embrace life and that includes a rare opportunity to make matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative a priority.

Sun enters Sagittarius

You will always get an opportunity to do that during the month of the Snake, but this is four weeks that in the middle of a busy life, is often over by the time you can get around to embracing it. The first month of the Snake will run from 23rd April to 22nd May, with a chance for a do over from 22nd May to 21st June. This year has just the right amount of professional influence, with enough opportunities to seize but not so much that it will over burden you.

June and July will be the best months of the year for work and job matters, especially once the month of the Snake ends on 21st June, while October and November will be the best for career and professional matters in general.

Snake Horoscope & , Fortune For People Born in , ,

This year starts on a professional wave that has been building for close to a year by the time you move into the New Year, with the tail end of the Year of the Pig still playing out. For the Tiger, the Year of the Pig is the most competitive and professionally charged year in a 12 year cycle and while it will come to an end on 24th January, it will have created enough momentum by then to carry you through the rest of This could have lucrative implications fairly early in the year.

For the Tiger, the most lucrative month of any year is the month of the Hare, which this year runs from 23rd February to 24th March. Beginning just after the Year of the Pig ends, there will be a lot more professional momentum than you would normally expect at this time of year. In the meantime, any new lunar year always begins with the month of the Tiger, so when the Year of the Rat begins on 24th January, this is something you will get an early feel for and most likely, will like what you see. For the Tiger, the Rat is a social and serendipitous energy and while the month of the Rat comes around once a year and is the most socially active and charged month of any year, this will be in effect for the rest of the year.

This makes and important year for friendship, teamwork and for personal, professional and social networking in general. By its very nature the Tiger is a social creature and the Rat speaks to your humanitarian and the community minded side of your nature. While every year will go through its normal seasons, with work and job matters bringing a chance to pick up on where the Pig left off in July and August, while the latter part of June and the first three weeks of July are especially good for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative.

With 13 New Moons in there will be a leap month or a lunar month that is repeated. This time, the first leap month since is the month of the Snake, which for the Tiger puts the focus on home and family matters. The first month of the Snake runs from 23rd April to 22nd May, only to start again from 22nd May to 21st June. While the adventurous Year of the Pig will come to an end on 24th January and this is one of the most exciting years in a 12 year period for you, this is often something you are ready to move on from.

Not the kind of challenge that comes from facing adversity but from embracing your competitive spirit. For the Hare, the Year of the Rat is the most competitive and professionally charged year since the last Year of the Rat, which began in and ran into early You are ready for a challenge and whether professionally, with a personal project or your goals and ambitions in general, the Rat inspires you to aim high and achieve more.


This is traditionally a huge year professionally and this will have implications in other areas of your chart, in ways that are both opportune and challenging. The month of the Dragon, for instance, usually the most potentially lucrative month of any year for the Hare and which this year runs from 24th March to 23rd April, is likely to be even more lucrative.

However, by the same token the month of the Horse, which puts the focus on home and family matters and this year runs from 21st June to 20th July, could be more challenging. Not only are the Horse and Rat opposing signs, but the Horse will insist that you focus on home and family matters, while the Rat will want to keep the focus on your professional game.

What will get a boost this year are the communication lines, right through from 23rd April to 21st June, when a leap month will give you eight weeks instead of the normal four. For the Dragon, holds everything you could want in a year. It has excitement, adventure and the icing on the cake is that this could be a lucrative year, especially in the months immediately after the month of the Dragon, which runs from 24th March to 23rd April. It is in between the New Year and the beginning of the month of the Dragon that everything changes or at least it will do, on 24th January.

This is the Chinese New Year, which brings the Year of the Pig to a close and welcomes in the Year of the Rat and for the Dragon, this changes everything. Just 24 days into and you will be walking into the Year of the Rat, a year full of adventure, travel, an opportunity to expand your horizons and embrace life full on. In other words, the Rat and Dragon are the best of friends and he will be looking out for you, right through to February It is during the month of the Rat, from 14th December to 13th January , conveniently covering Christmas and the New Year, when this will be at its height.

But this is something you can enjoy all year. What gives its income potential is that for the first time in three years we have a leap month. This happens when there are 13 New Moons in a calendar year and to accommodate for that, one lunar month will be repeated and this year, that will be the month of the Snake which, for the Dragon can be the most lucrative month of any year.

The month of the Snake will run from 23rd April to 22nd May, but as soon as it finishes it will begin again, with the second month of the Snake running from 22nd May to 21st June. For the Snake, the Year of the Pig is the most challenging year in a 12 year lunar cycle, for this is your opposing sign and everything about its energy is opposite to who you are.

By 1st January , you have spent nearly 11 months trying to live the life of a Snake, in a Pig world and the two were never going to fit. If any new initiatives taken during the year must be carefully measured in order to minimize risk taking and maximize its chances of success, it doesn't mean that instinct won't take part in the decision-making process, quite the contrary.

All decisions made during this year of starting a new cycle will influence the next 12 years. According to the Chinese horoscope , when it comes to managing your finances, idleness and hesitation are out of the question. In , it's all about helping oneself before worrying about others' business.

Otherwise, the price could be heavy for those who haven't resolved their own problems in priority and who have preferred to let time slip to pursue chimeras. Passionate about everything he undertakes, the Metal Rat loves his freedom more than anything and hates being incited or coerced in situations that he finds unpleasant or boring. The Metal Rat is the most jealous and the most domineering of his peers. His thirst for recognition and admiration doesn't seem to have any limits.

Brilliant and ingenious when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems, the Metal Rat, however, has a hard time accepting and learning from his failures. Not fond of solitude, when he is deprived of the unwavering moral support of his relatives, the Metal Rat is prone to depression.

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Malicious and emotional when in a good mood, it is also important to note that he is the most generous of all Rats generosity not being the main characteristic of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat. In Chinese culture, the metal element symbolizes autumn, that is, harvest time. Particularly interesting when the Metal is associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat, the year is therefore a period during which the individuals having invested in important projects the preceding years can expect to see their incomes strongly increase.

The Year of the Metal Rat is the year of renewed ambitions and strategies, where one turn one's back to the past without regret. Flexible and rigid at the same time, it is important to learn how to handle Metal in order to extract its full potential. An atmosphere of financial opportunity dominates the year , which accentuates the tensions created by the unscrupulous behaviors of reckless opportunists, ready to do anything to take advantage of profitable and sometimes dubious investments at their only advantage.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to avoid any direct confrontation in the event of misunderstanding during a financial transaction, unless you are ready to firmly defend your interests.

If so, wisdom and diplomacy remain your best allies to avoid the pitfalls of a miscalculated strategy or the betrayal of a partner in too much of a hurry. According to the Chinese horoscope , the colors to be favored this year in order to balance the energy flows of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology Wu Xing are blue and white. Indeed, the combination of Water blue, black and Metal white, gray, gold allows fluidity and bring flexibility and a dynamic of success to financial transactions and trade. The signing of new contracts is facilitated if white and blue are present in the direct environment of the signatories, be it the place or their person clothing, accessories.